Hailo chosen by British Raspberry Pi for AI capabilities on its computer

In recent years, the market for tiny computers that offer affordable prices has grown exponentially, with 61 million units sold to both professional developers and hobbyists. Alongside selling products, the company has also established a social fund to provide students with resources for building digital solutions. This fund allows students to experiment with advanced technologies and develop unique creations that showcase their creativity.

One of the most popular products from this company is the Raspberry Pi AI Kit, designed specifically for use with the Raspberry Pi 5. The kit includes two components: the M.2 HAT+ and Hailo-8L M.2 AI Acceleration Module. These components work seamlessly with the Raspberry Pi’s camera software and support a wide range of applications through the Halo software package. This partnership between Hailo and Raspberry Pi aims to enhance engineers, makers, and amateur developers’ capabilities through advanced AI technology.

Hailo’s focus on high-performance AI accelerators is evident in this collaboration with Raspberry Pi, as they aim to integrate AI into high-performance solutions at a competitive cost and low power consumption. With offices around the world and a network of distributors, Hailo is well positioned to serve customers in various industries.

The company’s processors are designed to support smart devices in sectors such as automotive, security, and retail, emphasizing high performance and low power consumption.

In addition to its hardware offerings, Hailo has launched an online platform aimed at supporting its growing developer community and Raspberry Pi user community. The platform will include a user forum, tutorials, and other resources to foster innovation and creativity among developers.

Overall, the new Raspberry Pi tiny computer powered by Hailo’s high-performance AI accelerators is paving the way for innovation among developers worldwide. With continued investment in research and development, this partnership is set to revolutionize how we use technology in our daily lives.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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