Advancements in Israeli technology: AI-assisted biopsy

Sheba Medical Center has recently implemented a new development that revolutionizes the way biopsy tests are handled. The technology, developed by Israeli start-up company imagene, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly identify cancerous tumors and provide an initial analysis within minutes.

Imagene was founded in 2020 by three young developers – Dean Bitan, Yonatan Salah and Shahar Porat. The company’s AI technology teaches digital scanning devices to recognize countless characteristics of cancerous tumors, allowing for quick and accurate diagnosis.

The first phase of implementation at Sheba Medical Center involved applying the technology to cancerous tumors after the hospital switched to digital scans of biopsies. This has allowed doctors to view samples even from home or anywhere in the world, giving them quick answers to patients’ medical needs. With the help of AI, computers in the pathology laboratory are now working overtime, scanning thousands of algorithms to identify tumor characteristics and mutations within a few minutes.

This new technology has greatly improved patient care at Sheba Medical Center. Patients who came in with metastatic lung cancer had to wait three weeks for genetic sequencing of their tumors before receiving an initial analysis. Now, with imagene’s AI technology, patients receive an answer within a few minutes that can be checked as a precautionary measure before being forwarded to the oncologist for treatment options. This has saved lives and drastically reduced waiting times for patients in need of medical attention.

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