1975-Slice CT Machine Can Assess Stroke in Just 5 Minutes

Tam Anh Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City is now equipped with a 1975-slice CT scanner system that utilizes integrated AI technology to enhance the assessment of stroke and cancer cases. This advanced imaging system offers a scanning speed of 0.23 seconds per time resolution of 19.5 milliseconds, making it capable of detecting lesions as small as 0.23 mm. It can identify atherosclerotic plaques, blood clots, narrow blockages, brain aneurysms, tumors, stones or small lesions at an early stage. The Smart Stroke software and AI processing solutions help reduce the time needed for image capture, processing and result interpretation.

Dr. Ho Hoang Phuong, the Director of the Center for Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology at Tam Anh General Hospital emphasized that the modern CT system provides highly accurate images with better description, clear boundaries between damaged and healthy tissues and precise detection of small abnormalities for accurate diagnoses. This cutting-edge CT scanner is the first medical facility in Southeast Asia to acquire the Revolution Apex Elite CT machine from GE HealthCare which offers consultations and tailored examination plans for patients’ specific needs.

The significance of this 1975-slice CT system in stroke treatment was highlighted by Dr. Le Van Tuan, the Director of the Center for Neuroscience who explained how fast progression of strokes requires early intervention. The system can aid in identifying and evaluating diseases within less than 5 minutes which expedites emergency treatment for strokes improving effectiveness while reducing patient sequelae. Besides stroke, this advanced CT scanner also supports cancer screening and diagnosis cardiovascular diseases and other ailments.

GE HealthCare Group’s partnership with Tam Anh General Hospital System signifies a commitment to enhancing medical examination and treatment standards by implementing innovative technologies while fostering professional development through training programs in modern diagnostic applications and equipment for medical professionals. This strategic collaboration aligns with the hospital’s objective of acquiring state-of-the-art medical equipment remaining at the forefront of medical technology trends to provide optimal healthcare services to their community members.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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