Partnership Between Moldex3D and Xnovo Technology Announced

Moldex3D, a leading molding simulation software in the industry, has teamed up with Xnovo Technology, a company specializing in advanced X-ray imaging solutions, to offer an advanced calibration for fiber parameters based on scan experiments. This collaboration empowers users to conduct more accurate simulations, enhancing the overall precision of the process.

According to Ethan Chiu, research and development director at CoreTech System, the parent company of Moldex3D, while simulating fiber orientation is not a new technology, the addition of real-life data enhances the model even further. With the increasing implementation of the digital twin concept by top design and manufacturing companies, the precision requirement has also been upgraded. This highlights the importance of attention to detail.

Erik Lauridsen, CEO at Xnovo Technology, is proud to be supporting Moldex3D users with their advanced X-ray imaging solutions. By leveraging their expertise in 3D imaging and analysis, they are able to provide unparalleled 3D fiber orientation characterization with superior quality and efficiency.

The collaboration between Moldex3D and Xnovo Technology enables users to conduct simulations of 3D fiber orientation using calibrated fiber parameters. This is crucial for defining anisotropic mechanical strength and controlling molding shrinkage in fiber-reinforced components. By integrating Xnovo’s 3D fiber orientation characterization capabilities with Moldex3D’s simulations, users can expect improved accuracy in their analyses.

The automation of computing iterations between digital and physical data on a large scale is made possible through Moldex3D Studio API. With this toolset, users can conduct complex simulations with ease and confidence.

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