Chosen RESMAN Energy Technology to Participate in Geothermal Project

In the quest for sustainable energy solutions, RESMAN is playing a vital role in the geothermal industry. The company is offering a range of tracer technology options that are temperature stable and resilient to high temperatures. These tracers provide critical data on fluid movements and connection integrity within the geothermal system.

John McLennan, Co-Principal Investigator of Utah FORGE, stated that the project aims to accelerate advancements in EGS technologies and create reproducible solutions for geothermal energy worldwide. By involving RESMAN in the stimulation phase of the project, more detailed insights into fracture stimulation stages can be achieved through tracer technology.

Partho Giri, Director of Global Operations at RESMAN Energy Technology, expressed his confidence in the transformative impact of their tracer technology. As of April 8th, 2024, RESMAN has completed tracer injection for all fracking stages at the FORGE site near Milford, Utah. Ongoing sampling and analysis are being conducted to assess connectivity and circulation, with monthly updates expected to provide valuable knowledge that could reshape the geothermal industry.

The FORGE site in Utah is focused on perfecting drilling, stimulation, injection-production, and subsurface imaging technologies to establish continuous fluid flow and energy transfer from an EGS reservoir. With the ultimate goal of making geothermal energy viable anywhere in the world, this project is a crucial step in advancing geothermal technology and sustainability.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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