New RedZNE wedge shafts by Breakthrough Golf Technology now available on GolfWRX

Golfers looking for the best high-end equipment are always on the lookout for innovative, multi-material designs that can improve their game. Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT) has been at the forefront of creating such equipment with their line of wedge shafts. While wedge shafts may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of high-end golf equipment, BGT has been pushing the limits of shaft technology with their unique designs.

Two years ago, BGT released the original ZNE wedge shafts, which featured a carbon upper section and a steel tip section. This unique construction was designed to provide stability, consistency, and add spin to wedge shots. But BGT didn’t stop there; they continued to improve upon the ZNE shafts and have now introduced the newest version, the RedZNE. The most notable change in the RedZNE shafts is the use of a carbon fiber tip section instead of steel, which results in lower launch and a flatter trajectory for improved distance control.

The redesigned carbon fiber upper tube of the RedZNE shafts is 54 percent stiffer than the previous ZNE shaft, providing golfers with better feel and control. BGT claims that the RedZNE shafts offer 50-percent better accuracy due to the additional spin produced by the shaft. Additionally, the connector that joins the tip and upper sections has been engineered to improve weight distribution and enhance overall feel.

Breakthrough Golf Technology will offer the RedZNE shafts in 90, 115, and 130-gram options, making them compatible with most popular iron shafts on the market. With their commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology, BGT continues to push boundaries in what is possible in golf equipment design.

In summary, Breakthrough Golf Technology’s RedZNE wedge shaft line is an excellent example of how innovation can improve golf equipment design. The new RedZNE series offers improved accuracy due to its stiffer carbon fiber upper tube and more precise weight distribution thanks to its connector design. Golfers looking for top-notch high-end equipment should consider trying out these new wedding sticks from Breakthrough Golf Technology!

By Sophia Gonzalez

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