The Symptom Radar feature of Oura recognizes early health changes

Starting today, Oura users can opt into a new experimental feature called Oura Labs, which offers a range of innovative tools to monitor and improve their health. The first feature available is Symptom Radar, which detects early signs of physiological strain by analyzing biometric trends like temperature, respiratory rate, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability. When an alert is triggered, users can choose to enable Rest Mode or lower their daily activity goal to prioritize rest. While illness detection was a focus during the early days of the pandemic, Symptom Radar is designed to alert users to significant changes in biometric trends regardless of the cause.

The Oura Ring takes a cautious approach to presenting Symptom Radar, making it clear that it is not a diagnostic tool but rather a means of understanding the body’s signals. This distinction allows the feature to fall under wellness and general education, avoiding the need for FDA clearance. However, the possibility of illness detection in the future is not entirely ruled out as shown in a study released by Oura last year that linked covid-19 symptoms to long-term impacts on biometrics.

The features within Oura Labs are subject to change based on user feedback and data analysis. Similar to Fitbit’s Fitbit Labs, Oura Labs provides a platform for experimentation and innovation, giving users a chance to try out new features and provide feedback for potential integration into the main app. This continuous learning process aims to improve the overall user experience and functionality of the Oura Ring.

In summary, Oura users now have access to a new experimental feature called Oura Labs that includes Symptom Radar which alerts users about significant changes in biometric trends like temperature, respiratory rate

By Sophia Gonzalez

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