The Reality of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Services: Bringing Science Fiction to Life

A groundbreaking conference, the first of its kind in Israel, was recently held with the aim of leveraging the technological revolution of artificial intelligence (AI) for the purpose of saving lives, extending life expectancy and improving quality of life. Initiated by Rabbi Yossi Arablich, chairman and founder of an organization called “For Your Sake,” the conference brought together leading senior managers from AI companies across Israel and around the world, top international scientists, and heads of the health system.

The event attracted participants from some of the most prominent AI companies globally including Google, Microsoft, Mobileye and Check Point. State President Yitzhak (Boji) Herzog sent a message to attendees expressing his support for their efforts and highlighting the connection between innovation in Israel’s healthcare system and technology advancements.

During the two-day conference, experts from various fields shared their insights on how AI can be used to improve healthcare outcomes. Prof. Ran Blitzer from Klalit Health Fund discussed recent developments in AI applications in medicine such as disease early detection, improved outcomes and reduced hospitalization days. He also emphasized on how AI has the potential to transform doctor-patient relationship by returning it to its core principles.

Alon Chaimovich CEO of Microsoft Israel and Prof. Yossi Matias Vice President Google Worldwide both spoke about the importance of using AI in healthcare and its potential for breakthrough applications that can lead to better patient outcomes. They emphasized on how technology can help predict, diagnose and treat diseases more effectively thus saving lives.

The conference also addressed challenges facing Israel’s healthcare system such as a shortage of specialized manpower which was highlighted by Prof Zion Hagai Chairman Israel Medical Association who called for more investment in human resources in healthcare rather than outsourcing problems like physician shortages as a solution put forth by Ministry Of Health .

Overall, this unique gathering provided valuable insights into how collaboration between technology companies, scientists

By Sophia Gonzalez

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