Continental Introduces Innovative Hydraulic Hose Crimper Technology for Industrial Applications

In May 2024, Continental unveiled the innovative PC160i Crimper technology at a grand launch event in Fairlawn, Ohio. This cutting-edge product guarantees a secure connection with each new hose application by eliminating the guesswork associated with hose crimping.

The PC160i is equipped with CrimpIQ® Pro Mode, a feature specially designed for daily operators. It offers automatic, semi-automatic, and manual modes, as well as tooling that can handle true 1 ¼” specifications and extend to certain 2” applications. This machine can meet a wide range of operational requirements.

One of the standout features of the PC160i Crimper is its user-friendly “three taps” to crimp process. Laszlo Dobo, Head of Product Management – Hydraulic Solutions at Continental’s Industrial Solutions AMERICAS, Sector ContiTech, highlighted this feature during the launch event. He emphasized the company’s commitment to providing consumers with easy solutions for their crimping needs and giving them confidence and peace of mind when using Continental’s equipment. With minimal training required, the PC160i Crimper is described as an essential machine for operators once they become acquainted with its capabilities.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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