VI-grade and Varjo collaborate to speed up HMI development

The collaboration between VI-grade and Varjo is aimed at advancing human-machine interface (HMI) development in the automotive industry. VI-grade, a company that provides simulation-driven vehicle development solutions, has teamed up with Varjo, a technology provider for VR and XR technology.

The goal of this partnership is to enhance the immersive experience of driving professionals by utilizing advanced technology. Varjo’s headsets will be used in conjunction with VI-grade’s professional driving simulators to provide dynamic motion, sound, and lifelike visuals.

Driving simulators are essential in the automotive development process as they help manufacturers make informed design decisions and improve vehicle performance from a human-centric perspective. The combination of Varjo’s XR technology with VI-grade’s simulators will further enhance this experience by providing an even more realistic and immersive simulation.

Overall, this collaboration between two leading companies in their respective fields aims to improve HMI development in the automotive industry by utilizing cutting-edge technology to create a more immersive and realistic simulation experience for driving professionals.

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