Discover the latest additions to iPadOS 18, including the calculator and AI innovations

Apple unveiled iPadOS 18 during WWDC 2024, with a focus on new features aimed at improving the user experience. One of the most highly anticipated additions was the Calculator app on iPad, now equipped with the Math Notes function. This feature allows users to write mathematical expressions and view real-time results, making calculations more intuitive and educational. The ability to assign variables and view graphs adds a new level of complexity to managing calculations, particularly beneficial in academic and professional settings.

iPadOS 18 also enhanced the use of the Apple Pencil with Smart Script, which improves handwriting fluidity and legibility. The Notes app introduced new organization tools and customization options, making note-taking more efficient. Additionally, the update offered greater customization of the Home screen and Control Center, allowing users to freely place widgets and app icons to create a personalized layout. The redesigned Control Center provided quick access to frequently used controls, improving overall usability.

The Photos app underwent a major transformation in iPadOS 18, utilizing the iPad’s display to automatically organize libraries. New features like pinning favorite content, carousel views, and automatic memories playback made image management more intuitive. Safari introduced Reading mode and Highlights, which leveraged machine learning to emphasize key information on web pages. Privacy control tools were also enhanced in this update, giving users greater control over their data and app access.

One of the most groundbreaking innovations in iPadOS 18 was Apple Intelligence, a personal intelligence system that utilized generative models and user context to provide relevant suggestions. Designed with privacy in mind, this feature was integrated into iPadOS 18, iOS 18

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