Pelletizer with Intelligent Technology Stores Process Parameters and More

Bay Plastics Machinery (BPM) has revolutionized the way pelletizing is done with its introduction of an Industry 4.0-engineered system known as “Smart Pelletizing.” This innovative system offers a wealth of process data, tracking, controlling, and saving everything from material recipes to process parameters and operator activity. By inputting material recipes, users can easily adapt the machinery according to their needs, with all important events being logged for reference.

The Smart Pelletizer System showcased at NPE2024 includes the AXP08 pelletizer and water bath system, all controlled by a versatile master control that offers comprehensive process information. The master controller not only operates the machine but also provides operators with a detailed remote view of the pelletizer’s operation. Valuable on-machine resources, such as maintenance documentation, training videos, and parts drawings, can be accessed through a tablet and the control screen, making maintenance and troubleshooting tasks easier.

The system also includes a camera caliper tool for estimating throughput and air knife process data measurement to control CFM per strand and monitor vacuum levels. BPM’s “Smart Pelletizing” system is designed with digital manufacturing in mind, ensuring ease of use and access to important data for operators. This advanced system represents the next step in pelletizing technology, offering a more efficient and user-friendly approach to the process.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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