Storagely Partners with Calcumate to Offer Unit-Size Technology for Online Self-Storage Rentals

Calcumate, a unit-size calculator designed for the self-storage industry, has recently integrated with Storagely, a company that offers software for online self-storage rentals. This new functionality will be gradually rolled out to Storagely’s existing customers over the next six weeks. Customers who have purchased either the “Professional” or “Enterprise” package will receive free access to Calcumate as a standard inclusion, as stated in a recent press release.

Calcumate is a calculator that allows potential self-storage tenants to estimate which unit size would best suit their needs. It uses 3D visualization to demonstrate how much space is required and the most efficient way to pack the unit. Storagely’s Founder and CEO, Brian Leimone, expressed excitement about the integration, stating that it will make it easier for website visitors to convert into paying customers. He believes that this innovation will lead to greater success, profitability, increased rental conversions, occupancy, and lower customer-service costs.

According to Calcumate CEO Ross Metherell, the collaboration between the two companies will benefit self-storage businesses and their customers. Calcumate, launched in 2019 by Australian mobile-storage operator TaxiBox, is already used by over 5,000 self-storage facilities in more than 30 countries. Along with its online rental software, Storagely also offers website design, management, and marketing services known as Storagely+.

Overall, the partnership between Storagely and Calcumate aims to eliminate unit size errors and confusion for self-storage customers

By Sophia Gonzalez

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