Twenty-two CU Boulder engineering students awarded prestigious National Science Foundation fellowships

William Xie, a Computer Science researcher under the guidance of Advisor Nikolaus Correll in the Correll Lab, is focused on making robotics more accessible and assistive in various real-world settings. His research aims to address three key areas within the context of a supermarket, including understanding human preferences for interacting with assistive robots, developing robust and generalizable robot manipulation techniques using multimodal foundation models, and building end-to-end human-robot interaction systems that can be deployed in real-world, cluttered, and dynamic environments.

Xie’s first area of focus is studying how people prefer to interact with robots in order to make the interaction more intuitive and user-friendly. This will help ensure that assistive robots are able to effectively support people in their daily lives. The second area involves developing techniques for robot manipulation that can be used across a wide range of environments. By using multimodal foundation models, Xie hopes to create robots that are able to manipulate objects effectively and efficiently, regardless of the environment they find themselves in.

Finally, Xie’s goal is to build human-robot interaction systems that can be deployed in real-world environments. By integrating these three key research areas, he hopes to make significant strides in enabling assistive robotics to assist people in a variety of everyday settings. Ultimately, Xie’s work has the potential to greatly improve the way we live our lives by making technology more accessible and helpful.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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