Rimac Energy Launches New Facility in the United Kingdom

Rimac Energy, a leading company in advanced battery energy storage systems (BESS), recently opened a new facility in Witney, Oxfordshire, UK. The 1,850 square meter facility will serve as the base for their growing UK team and will focus on producing the next generation of BESS. This expansion is expected to create over 70 highly skilled jobs for engineers, technicians, and researchers in the UK technology industry and the Oxfordshire region.

Rimac Energy is part of Rimac Technology within the Rimac Group and aims to contribute to the technological innovation in the UK. Company director Wasim Sarwar Dilov expressed his excitement about expanding their presence in the UK, emphasizing the partnership between Croatia and the United Kingdom. The company sees the UK as a hub for technological advancements and is looking forward to being part of the country’s innovation landscape.

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As Rimac Energy continues to grow its presence in the UK marketplace through its innovative battery energy storage solutions, it’s clear that this company has no plans on slowing down anytime soon. With its commitment to contributing to technological innovation in this country while providing high quality job opportunities to engineers and researchers alike, Rimac Energy remains at forefront of advanced battery technology development.

The opening of this new facility marks an exciting milestone for Rimac Energy’s growth strategy in Europe as they continue their mission to provide sustainable energy solutions through innovative battery technology. As they expand their operations across multiple countries throughout Europe and beyond, there’s no doubt that this company will continue to push boundaries when it comes to creating cutting edge solutions that shape our future energy landscape.

Overall, with continued expansion into international markets like Europe and beyond, it’s clear that Rimac Energy has big plans for growth ahead. Their commitment to providing high quality job opportunities while developing advanced battery energy storage systems sets them apart from other companies in this space. As they continue their mission towards building a more sustainable future through innovative technology solutions

By Sophia Gonzalez

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