Baseball Giants players reveal terrifying harassment from angry MLB bettors – NBC Sports Bay Area & California

The recent surge in sports betting has taken a toll on many Giants players, with some of them receiving abusive messages from disgruntled gamblers when their bets don’t pay off. Relief pitcher Tyler Rogers shared during an exclusive interview with USA Today’s Bob Nightengale that he had to change his Venmo settings to private after fans would request money from him following a bad game that led to a lost wager.

Tyler Rogers is not the only player on the San Francisco team who has faced harassment from angry gamblers. Third baseman Matt Chapman also mentioned dealing with similar harassment, noting that the level of anger from fans has increased significantly due to the money they have wagered on games. Fans used to make normal comments like ‘You’re a bum,’ but now, they go as far as demanding money via Venmo.

Logan Webb, a veteran in his sixth MLB season, has also observed a rise in vitriol from upset fans regarding lost bets since he debuted in 2019. Webb explained that the combination of passionate team loyalty and betting has intensified the reactions from fans. Initially, the criticism from fans was more about performance, but now it includes financial losses from gambling.

The Giants Talk Podcast can be downloaded and followed for more insights and discussions on this issue. By speaking out about their experiences, players hope to address and potentially reduce this kind of harassment in the future. It is important for athletes to feel supported and protected from abusive behavior, especially when it extends beyond on-field performance and into personal finances.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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