Arizona Climbs in Top 25 And 1 Rankings After Triple-Overtime Victory Against Utah in College Basketball

Despite the struggles of UCLA and USC, the Pac-12 has some strong teams. Two of them recently delivered a triple-overtime thriller, with Arizona defeating Utah 105-99. This victory pushed Arizona up to No. 7 in the updated Top 25 And 1 rankings.

With an overall record of 18-5 and a Pac-12 record of 9-3, Arizona is currently leading the Pac-12 standings. They are projected to ultimately win the league by multiple games, giving head coach Tommy Lloyd his second conference championship in just his third year as a head coach. This is after spending the previous 22 seasons as an assistant at Gonzaga.

In this final year with the league as we know it, only one Pac-12 school is in the CBS Sports Top 25 And 1 daily college basketball rankings. UCLA and USC have struggled this season, causing the Pac-12 to rank as the sport’s sixth-best conference with five weeks left before Selection Sunday.

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