Beerntsen’s Candies remains successful despite increases in cocoa prices

Beerntsen’s Candies, a family-owned candy store that has been in operation for decades, is showcasing their Easter lineup of candies. Despite the recent price hike in cocoa, which has led to an increase in chocolate prices, the store’s customers are not deterred from making their usual chocolate purchases.

Blake Beerntsen, the owner of the store, revealed that they typically use over 5,000 pounds of milk chocolate during the Easter season. While he acknowledged that the rising cocoa prices are due to poor crop yields and have resulted in estimates ranging from a 28 to 40% increase in price, he also stated that their bulk chocolate prices are contracted for a year. Therefore, any price increases wouldn’t affect them until later in the year.

According to CNBC, cocoa futures contracts for May deliveries have hit record highs. However, Blake explained that fluctuations in prices are normal and something he has experienced before. While some specialty chocolates have seen a slight increase in price, customers like Ann Smith admitted that they might adjust the contents of their Easter baskets if prices continue to rise but still value supporting local businesses like Beerntsen’s.

Other customers, Molly and Julia Gutowski, shared that they wouldn’t be deterred by price increases when it comes to special treats like chocolate-covered Oreos. Blake reassured customers that despite the rising cocoa prices, they shouldn’t fear for the availability of their favorite Easter chocolates at Beerntsen’s.

In conclusion, Blake emphasized that Easter is a chocolate-centric holiday and encouraged customers to visit Beerntsen’s for all their chocolate needs as the store remains open daily to accommodate last-minute purchases.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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