St. Paul’s City House – Operating Without Water, But Business Continues

As the Mississippi River continued to rise in St. Paul on Thursday, the city was forced to take precautionary measures. Some low-lying roads were closed, local trails were barricaded, and certain water and sewage systems were shut off to prevent damage. One of the businesses affected by the rising waters was City House, a riverside bar and restaurant.

Despite having to turn off their water supply, City House remained open for customers. Drinks were served in plastic cups instead of glasses, and bottled soda was used instead of soda guns. Although some facilities like bathrooms with running water were closed, three portable toilets were made available for patrons. Despite the challenges, City House staff reported that there hasn’t been a significant drop in customers. They are fully prepared for the upcoming busy weekend, with a full staff on hand and ample supplies of cups and bottles.

St. Paul Public Works has a comprehensive plan in place to monitor and respond to rising water levels on the Mississippi River. Throughout the year, water levels are monitored, and necessary actions are taken when levels begin to rise. This includes shutting off sanitary and storm sewer systems to protect infrastructure and inform local businesses and residents. Lisa Hiebert, the public information officer for St. Paul Public Works, stated that the city is taking proactive steps to protect its residents and infrastructure. It is uncertain when water services will be restored as the Mississippi River in St

By Sophia Gonzalez

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