Moscow deploys missiles and Shahed drones in Ukraine, Kyiv strikes Lugansk with alleged American weaponry

In recent hours, Russia has launched a coordinated attack on Ukrainian territory using both cruise missiles and suicide drones. The attack was thwarted by Ukrainian air defenses, which successfully intercepted 48 of the 53 Iranian Shahed suicide drones deployed. However, the exact targets for the missiles launched from Tu-95MC bombers flying over Russian airspace have not been specified in a report from the Ukrainian Air Force.

The Shahed drones were fired from occupied Crimean peninsula and Russian territories near the border with Ukraine. Interceptions of both drones and missiles took place over various Ukrainian regions including Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovograd, Zaporizhzhia, Mykolayiv, Kherson, Odessa, Kyiv, and Khmelnitsky. Despite most of the drones being destroyed by Ukrainian defenses, they pose a significant challenge during combined attacks, requiring Ukraine to expend ammunition to prevent them from reaching their intended targets. Fragments from the intercepted drones often fall on residential areas or infrastructure, causing material damage and civilian casualties.

In response to these Russian actions, Ukraine has launched drone attacks on Russian territory. Unfortunately, in Luhansk region controlled by Russian forces since 2014 at least three people have died and 22 others have been injured due to a building collapse after an attack conducted by Kyiv forces. The local authorities reported that among the injured are two minors while many people remain trapped under the rubble. The Russian ambassador for crimes of the Kyiv regime claimed on Telegram that the attack used “American weapons” and suggested up to six ATACMS missiles were launched in Lugansk region. This bombing caused damage to a dozen buildings and shops according to TASS agency report.

It is important for international community to take note of these developments as they escalate tensions between Russia and Ukraine further into uncharted territories where innocent lives are at stake.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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