Russia’s Attempts to Influence the European Parliament Elections

Last January, a Polish citizen was indicted on spying charges as part of an investigation that documented Russian intelligence collaborators’ involvement in propaganda, disinformation, and political provocations to build Russian spheres of influence in Europe. European intelligence services had tracked activities aimed at organizing pro-Russian initiatives and media campaigns in EU countries to promote Russian foreign policy and undermine Ukraine’s position.

In addition to this, the Czech Republic’s civil counter-espionage service announced the discovery of a Russian network attempting to influence upcoming elections. The operation revealed Russia’s efforts to gain influence in EU countries and manipulate political processes. Sanctions were imposed on pro-Russian Ukrainian politicians Viktor Medvedchuk and Artem Marchevsky, as well as the Czech-registered “Col Europe” company associated with Medvedchuk. These individuals were involved in transferring funds to politicians from various European countries, including the far-right party in Germany.

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By Sophia Gonzalez

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