Russia’s Higher Education Faces Growing “Militarization,” UK Warns

The Russian government’s increasing focus on military education has raised concerns among British intelligence services. Specifically, the establishment of a new institute at the Moscow Higher School of Economics (HSE) that focuses on military strategy and economics has been seen as a concerning development.

The Institute of Military World Economics and Strategies was created by political scientist Sergei Karaganov, who is also an advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Karaganov’s ideas about defending ethnic Russians in neighboring countries have been used to justify actions such as the invasion of Ukraine.

The institute will be led by Admiral Sergei Avakyants, a former commander of the Pacific Fleet who believes that Russia is at odds with the West. The institute will focus on political and economic issues, with a particular emphasis on the foreign military industry. Additionally, it will study deterrence strategies and the role of nuclear weapons in these strategies.

The institute will draw on faculty from the HSE as well as researchers from various military academies, such as the Russian General Staff Academy. The British Ministry of Defense’s Intelligence service has stated that this closer collaboration between academia and the defense sector is likely to contribute to the militarization of higher education in Russia.

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