Moscow claims evidence of Ukrainian funding for attackers, White House calls it “selling garbage”

The Russian Investigative Committee announced that they have found evidence linking the gunmen responsible for the deadly attack on a concert theater to Ukrainian nationalists. The attack took place at the Crocus City Hall concert hall outside of Moscow, claiming the lives of at least 143 people. The committee also arrested another suspect who was involved in financing terrorists.

The White House criticized Russia’s leaders for trying to link Ukraine to the attack, calling them “garbage sellers” for spreading propaganda. However, Russia has obtained confirmed data through their investigation showing a connection between the attackers and Ukrainian nationalists. They have also arrested eight other suspects related to the attack on terrorism charges.

Despite Russia’s admission that the attack was carried out by Islamists, they continue to search for a “Ukrainian footprint” in the incident. Ukraine has denied any involvement in the attack, which is considered one of the deadliest in Russia in 20 years. Meanwhile, the Federal Security Service (FSB) had previously arrested eleven people, including four terrorists directly involved in the attack, who were attempting to escape to Ukraine.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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