Saudi Arabia issues warning to Israel over potential ground incursion into Rafah

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry has issued a stern warning to Israel about the potential for a ground incursion into the city of Rafah, which is home to hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians. The Ministry stated that such an action would be extremely dangerous for civilians and could further escalate the conflict in the Palestinian enclave.

In addition to issuing a warning, the Saudi Foreign Ministry also published a statement on its social media account X expressing concern for the safety of Rafah’s Palestinian population. They called Rafah the last safe haven for these individuals and emphasized the urgent need for immediate action to prevent further displacement and protect civilians.

The Ministry also reiterated their complete rejection and strong condemnation of Israeli actions leading to forced displacement of Palestinians and urged an immediate ceasefire. They expressed their deep concern about “deliberate violations of international and humanitarian laws” and called on the United Nations Security Council to meet as soon as possible to prevent an imminent humanitarian disaster.

Saudi Arabia’s stance on this situation is clear, and they are urging international organizations to take immediate action to protect Palestinians and prevent further escalation of the conflict in Rafah.

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