Guckenheimer’s New Plant-Forward Dishes Honor World Pulses Day

In honor of World Pulses Day on Feb. 10, ISS Guckenheimer is introducing five new pulse-centric menu items at its corporate dining sites. Each dish has been carefully trialed to meet low-carbon certification requirements while still delivering on flavor.

The new menu features roasted butternut squash and black bean tacos, chickpea coconut curry, lentil and garbanzo burger, and plantain, tofu, and lima bean mofongo. Rounding out the menu is a red lentil meatloaf with Yukon gold mashed potatoes. Each recipe highlights legumes and pulses as primary ingredients.

ISS Guckenheimer aims to spread awareness about the sustainable benefits of pulses through these new dishes. CEO Paul Fairhead emphasizes the company’s dedication to delivering highly nutritious, flavorful, and environmentally friendly food choices. These ingredients are sourced in low-impact, sustainable ways and are a major priority for the foodservice provider. They also have some exciting culinary innovations on the horizon.

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