Science Alive seeks to ignite children’s curiosity in science, technology, engineering, and math

Do you need an exciting and educational activity for your kids on Saturday? Head to the Main Library in downtown South Bend for the annual Science Alive event. This free event is designed to spark children’s interest in science and technology through hands-on activities and stage shows.

Science Alive is like a sampler appetizer plate for kids, exposing them to a wide range of science-related topics. The goal of this event is to get more kids interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). With over 41 exhibitors, it’s much bigger than ever before and has grown deeper connections with local scientific businesses and academic experts.

One of the new features at Science Alive this year is the Potawatomi Zoo’s stage show debut where they will be teaching kids about reptiles and amphibians that they can see and touch afterwards. Additionally, there will be a robotics stage show featuring hands-on demonstrations by RoboMonkies Robotics, which will showcase the fun of Vex robotics.

Marissa Gebhard, the library’s communications manager, highlights the impact of Science Alive by saying that local scientific businesses and academic experts are bringing their rockets, chemistry experiments, and hands-on demonstrations to get kids excited about science and inspire them to learn more about science in school.

Join us on Saturday for Science Alive at the Main Library downtown South Bend! It’s sure to be an exciting day filled with learning opportunities for both children and adults alike.

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