Pentagon leader hospitalized again a month after previous discharge

Lloyd Austin, the 70-year-old US Secretary of Defense, was hospitalized with suspected bladder problems on Saturday, according to a statement from the Pentagon press secretary. At approximately 2:20 p.m. local time, Austin was taken to Walter Reed for evaluation due to symptoms consistent with bladder problems. Despite being in the hospital, Austin continues to perform his duties and has access to all open and secret communication channels.

This hospitalization comes after Austin was released from the hospital on January 15 after treatment for prostate cancer, which was diagnosed at an early stage. The Pentagon press service reported that the Secretary of Defense did not require any additional treatment after his prostatectomy on December 22.

Early in December, Austin was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent a prostatectomy on December 22. On January 1, he experienced complications that led to readmission to the hospital. Despite these challenges, Austin has continued to lead the Pentagon since January 2021 with determination and dedication.

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