Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee’s Focus on Jobs and Economy

Senator Blackburn has been a staunch advocate for small businesses in Tennessee, which make up over 99% of the state’s businesses. She has prioritized giving back to local communities and reducing government regulation to help these businesses thrive. In line with this goal, she has worked to reduce Internal Revenue Service (IRS) fees and has proposed cutting federal spending by 1%, 2%, and 5%, specifically targeting non-defense, non-homeland security, and non-veterans affairs discretionary spending.

In response to the IRS receiving $80 billion in the Biden administration’s “Inflation Reduction Act” (IRA) to hire 87,000 IRS agents, which Senator Blackburn strongly opposed, she introduced the IRS User Fee Reduction Act. This legislation aims to prevent the IRS from imposing high user fees on small businesses. Senator Blackburn has also introduced measures to ensure that the IRS does not use the $80 billion infusion of taxpayer dollars to extract more revenue from hardworking taxpayers.

Furthermore, Senator Blackburn has focused on addressing challenges in the supply chain that have had significant impacts on the economy since the global supply chain crisis began in 2021. She introduced the bipartisan Securing Semiconductor Supply Chains Act in early 2023. This bill aims to enhance federal efforts to promote domestic manufacturing of semiconductor chips by fostering collaboration between federal agencies and state organizations. Through these legislative efforts, Senator Blackburn is dedicated to supporting small businesses and strengthening the economy of Tennessee.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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