Unconventional Precedent: Two First Ladies of Senegal at the Presidential Palace

In a remarkable moment in Senegal’s political history, Basserou Diomaye Faye, just minutes before the end of the country’s presidential election campaign, made a bold gesture on stage. Holding the hands of his two wives, Marie and Absa, he publicly declared his polygamy to thousands of cheering supporters.

Faye’s revelation sparked intense debate about polygamy in Senegal, which has long been a controversial topic due to its prevalence in Muslim culture. While many men see it as an acceptable practice, women have criticized it for years. A report by the United Nations Human Rights Committee in 2022 concluded that polygamy discriminates against women and should be abolished. The issue was further highlighted by Mariama Ba’s novel “A Very Long Letter,” which explored the struggles of women in polygamous relationships.

Despite this backlash, polygamy remains widespread in Senegal, especially in rural areas where it is viewed as a way to expand families. However, Faye’s public display of his relationship with his two wives was seen as a sign by some as an invitation for other men to be more transparent about their own polygamous relationships. Faye acknowledged this point during his speech, thanking both Marie and Absa for their support and emphasizing how beautiful their family was together.

As Faye prepares to take office as Senegal’s president, questions have arisen about how he will handle multiple wives within the palace walls. Despite this uncertainty surrounding his personal life, many are excited to see what impact he will bring on the country’s cultural norms and politics.

In conclusion, Faye’s public declaration of his polygamist lifestyle sparked mixed reactions among Senegalese citizens. While some saw it as a positive signal for transparency and equality in marriage relationships, others remained critical of its impact on gender equality and social norms within African societies. Nevertheless, Faye has taken responsibility for his actions and continues to advocate for unity despite the controversies surrounding him.

The election of a polygamous president highlights the complexities and contradictions within Senegal’s cultural norms and demonstrates how deeply ingrained traditional practices can be even when they conflict with modern values such as gender equality and human rights protection.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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