Companies that provide exceptional support and benefits to their work-study apprentices

Sewan, a Paris-based company that specializes in networks and cloud services for businesses, has recently begun hiring work-study students. The company now has 10 work-study students, with contracts ranging from 1 to 3 years, out of 420 employees in France. However, the company waited until 2020 to experiment with the work-study program, as it wanted to ensure it could offer proper support to the students. Sewan encourages their services to favor work-study programs, as they believe the relationship is more fruitful than during a short internship.

The Union of National Social Security Funds (Ucanss) is also making a change by welcoming approximately 2000 apprentices in 2024. Most of these apprentices will have the opportunity to work in standard professions such as IT, accounting, customer relations, and legal, with the added benefit of working on projects that are important to all French people. Ucanss takes the integration of young people seriously, offering a good balance between private and professional life, as well as comprehensive training for the apprenticeship tutors. They have also created the site to organize job offers and missions throughout France.

Bouygues Telecom, a telecom company, places a high importance on creating the right environment for their apprentices. Their hiring campaign for work-study students takes place from February to June. The company offers an integration day with other apprentices and interns and provides several channels for support, such as tutors, HR representatives, and an online community. Bouygues Telecom looks to create a spark and motivate students to feel at ease and connected with the organization.

According to the Work-Study Observatory

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