Minnesota’s Claim to Fame: The World’s Largest Lite Brite

In 2013, the St. Paul Foundation commissioned Ta-coumba T. Aiken, a local artist, to create the world’s largest Lite Brite at the Union Depot. The project was a massive undertaking that required over 500 volunteers to help put together the pieces.

The final product, named “Forever St. Paul,” is a stunning piece of art that consists of approximately 598,986 Lite Brite pieces arranged in a Picasso-inspired design. It measures an impressive 24 feet wide and 8 feet high and has even set a Guinness World Record for the largest Lite Brite mural.

Despite his initial love-hate relationship with the toy as a child (he once burned his finger trying to change a bulb), Aiken turned this experience into an inspiring art project that showcases both his skill and creativity. Today, “Forever St. Paul” stands tall in St. Paul as a testament to Aiken’s dedication and passion for art and his ability to turn negative experiences into something positive.

Aiken signed the artwork with pieces of Lite Brite and described it as a way of making people feel good about themselves and their surroundings. His message of hope and positivity has resonated with many visitors to the Union Depot who have been moved by the beauty and meaning behind this unique piece of art.

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