Celebrating one year of YouTube Shorts in Peru: How has the short format been received?

A year ago, YouTube launched revenue sharing on Shorts in Peru, a new way for content creators to earn money through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). With over 3 million creators in the program worldwide, more than 25% of YPP channels now earn revenue through the Shorts revenue stream.

YouTube created the YPP more than a decade ago, perfecting a model that delivers results to its creators around the world and has paid $70 billion to creators, artists, and media companies over the past three years. The addition of Shorts to the platform’s revenue distribution has been a great step for the community. In Latin America, we have seen many examples of growth in various content creators thanks to this format.

For her part, Patricia Muratori, Director of Strategic Alliances for Latin America, points out that: “The inclusion of Shorts in YPP has been an excellent move for both creators and advertisers. It has provided new opportunities for monetization and engagement with audiences. We are excited to see how this format continues to grow and evolve in the coming years.”

Some creators who are using YouTube Shorts to lead the next wave of the creator economy are The Sheep Farm with 17.7 million subscribers, Susy Mouriz with 21.7 million subscribers, and Gonzok with 9.8 million subscribers. These creators have leveraged Shorts to grow their channels and connect with audiences in new and engaging ways. They have shown that creativity is key when it comes to building a successful channel on YouTube.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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