The Sidemen and New World Foods collaborate to introduce a nutritious meat snacking lineup

New World Foods, a subsidiary of Valeo Foods Group, has unveiled its latest venture in the form of SIDES – a collaboration with the popular YouTube group, The Sidemen. This new range of high-protein, low-calorie meat snacks is inspired by the Sidemen’s successful chicken shops that have been making waves across the UK.

The SIDES range is an extension of New World Food’s successful Wild West Steak Strip ambient range, combined with the appeal of The Sidemen. These meat snacks offer a healthier alternative to the often high-calorie and high-sugar snacking options available on the market. James Newitt, CEO of New World Foods, expressed his excitement about the launch and the effort put into creating these unique products. He anticipates positive feedback from consumers.

As a YouTube supergroup with over 150 million subscribers, The Sidemen have been expanding into FMCG space in recent months. The SIDES healthy snacking products are a key part of their global growth strategy. Ethan ‘Behzinga’ Payne of The Sidemen is thrilled about bringing these products to retail stores across the UK, making SIDES snacks more accessible to a wider audience.

Robin Mehta, CEO of SIDES, highlighted the collaboration between The Sidemen’s signature sauces and the expertise of Wild West Brand from New World Foods. The result is a meat snack range that offers unmatched flavor and quality. Mehta and his team are excited about potential growth both in UK and internationally with this innovative product launch.

This new product line brings together two popular brands in an exciting collaboration that combines healthy eating with delicious taste. With three mouthwatering flavors to choose from – Buffalo Chicken, Chipotle Steak, and Korean BBQ Steak – consumers now have a healthier alternative to traditional snack options that they can enjoy guilt-free.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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