Boston lawmakers to review potential relief fund for businesses affected by vandalism – NBC Boston

The Boston City Council is currently considering the creation of a vandalism repair fund to aid small businesses in the city. Many shops and restaurants in Boston have been dealing with the financial burden of repairing broken windows or cleaning up graffiti on their buildings.

Recently, Fornax Bakery in Roslindale had to replace a front-door window after a woman accidentally kicked it out. The owners had to cover the cost of the new pane of glass themselves, which put financial strain on the business. Similarly, Effie’s Kitchen witnessed a man punching through their window after spotting a customer he recognized inside. These incidents caused large shards of glass, causing one customer to get cut.

District 5 City Councilor Enrique Pepen has proposed a repair fund of around $50,000 to assist impacted mom-and-pop shops like Fornax Bakery and Effie’s Kitchen. Pepen believes that many small business owners do not have the funds readily available to repair vandalism damage such as broken windows. He hopes that during this budget season, the repair fund could quickly receive approval and become a reality for these businesses, offering them much-needed relief in times of need.

Business owners are also in favor of the repair fund idea as it would provide much-needed assistance. Oscar Bonilla of Fornax Bakery believes that this proposal would help alleviate some of the financial burden that small businesses like his face due to vandalism damage. The relief fund proposal has been sent to committee for further discussion and would need to go through a hearing before it could go before the entire council for approval.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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