Health Care Regulation is a Barrier for Small Businesses Across the Country

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has expressed its disappointment with the final health care rule on short-term health plans, which limits access to affordable and flexible coverage options for small employers. NFIB Vice President of Federal Government Relations, Jeff Brabant, stated that this rule is a step in the wrong direction for small business owners who are seeking more affordable, flexible, and predictable options for themselves and their employees.

Small businesses already face numerous challenges, including rising costs of labor and materials, and this rule adds another layer of complexity and red tape. NFIB is urging the administration to withdraw this rule to better support small employers.

NFIB members have identified the rising cost of health insurance as one of their top concerns for over 40 years. A recent survey conducted by NFIB revealed that 56% of small employers currently offer health insurance to employees, while 44% do not. The primary reason cited by small employers for not offering health insurance is the cost, with 65% of respondents stating this as the main factor.

Furthermore, 98% of small employers are concerned that the cost of providing health insurance to their employees will become unsustainable in the next five to ten years. This underscores the importance of affordable healthcare options for small businesses and the need for policies that support their access to such coverage.

The NFIB had previously submitted comments to the administration opposing this rule but unfortunately it was not taken into consideration. Small businesses have been struggling with high costs for years now and this new rule only adds more pressure on them.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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