Consumers Energy invests $24 million in advanced technology to improve power restoration times

Consumers Energy is investing $24 million in smart technology to improve the reliability of its power grid in Flint, Saginaw, and other areas across the Lower Peninsula. The goal is to restore power within 24 hours or less, even during severe weather events such as tornadoes or ice storms.

One of the key technologies being deployed is automatic transfer reclosers (ATRs), which function like traffic signals by controlling the flow of electricity. These ATRs help limit the impact of power outages by stopping the flow of electricity when there is a problem, such as a tree on a power line. Additionally, nearly 3,000 power sensors will be added to help detect problems and enable faster response times.

Consumers Energy is also replacing old power poles with newer ones and implementing system upgrades to minimize power outages. The utility recognizes the significance of providing a reliable power supply for businesses, families, and the overall community in Michigan. The new smart technology will play a crucial role in meeting the high expectations for power restoration during severe weather events.

Brian Wheeler, a spokesperson for Consumers Energy, emphasized the importance of quickly restoring power for the livelihoods of individuals and businesses. “Our customers rely on us to provide them with a stable source of energy,” he said. “With these investments in smart technology, we are confident that we can deliver on that promise.”

For more information on the smart technology initiative by Consumers Energy, visit their official website.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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