Smithtown High School West Science Research Students Shine at State Competition

Smithtown High School West juniors Nicole Gullason and Natasha Mishra were recently recognized for their innovative work at the New York State Science Congress, following their top honors at the Long Island Science Congress. Their project explored the connection between microplastics and harmful algal blooms, earning them praise for their scientific pursuits.

Smithtown Science Research Coordinator Joanne Figueiredo has been guiding Gullason and Mishra through their scientific endeavors for the past couple of years. Figueiredo commended the students for their dedication and passion for solving real-world issues through science, noting that their success highlights the exceptional work being done by science research students in the Smithtown School District.

Gullason and Mishra’s project sheds light on the importance of addressing environmental challenges like plastic pollution and its impact on ecological systems. It underscores the significance of scientific research in finding solutions to pressing issues. This achievement reflects the commitment and talent of Gullason and Mishra, as well as the support and guidance provided by educators like Figueiredo.

The recognition of their work underscores the value of empowering students to explore scientific inquiry and make meaningful contributions to the field, inspiring future generations to pursue their interests in science and research. Smithtown High School West takes pride in fostering a culture of academic excellence and innovation, as evidenced by the success of students like Gullason and Mishra at prestigious science competitions.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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