Pedro Sánchez urges undecided women and older voters to help defeat the right in European Parliament elections

Pedro Sanchez, the socialist leader and president of the Spanish Government, called on undecided voters, women, and older people to participate in the European elections in order to defeat a right-wing opposition. In a rally in Madrid on the final day of the campaign, Sanchez expressed confidence in Sunday’s election outcome and emphasized that the PSOE was ready to win against the conservative People’s Party (PP).

Sanchez criticized recent attacks by the PP on his party and urged supporters to stand by him during a challenging time. He highlighted the importance of voting, especially among undecided voters, and emphasized that women and older people should support the PSOE in order to prevent a right-wing advance.

The socialist leader dismissed the idea of a “good extreme right” and emphasized the need to defeat the negative influences of conservative parties in Spain. He encouraged all eligible voters to cast their ballots for the PSOE to ensure victory over the right and far-right. By appealing to different demographics, Sanchez aimed to mobilize support for his party in upcoming elections.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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