Pupils inspired by hands-on learning in mobile science lab

For the third year in a row, the mobile science lab known as the Curiosity Cube has been sparking interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) across Europe. Created by the science and technology firm Merck, the Curiosity Cube recently visited more than 600 pupils from seven schools in west Suffolk, as part of the Haverhill Science Festival. During their time at the Cube, students had the opportunity to explore sustainability experiments related to the lifecycle of a T-shirt.

The students were able to examine different fabric types used in fashion under microscopes, design windmills capable of powering model t-shirt factories, and learn how to recycle an old t-shirt into a new one using a threading machine. Rachel Jacobs, Quality Manager at Merck Haverhill, was thrilled to volunteer at the local schools and festival and hopes to return next year.

Launched in 2017, the solar-powered Curiosity Cube travels to schools and public events across Europe, where Merck scientists engage participants in various science-related activities to spark curiosity and introduce them to potential careers in science. The Curiosity Cube aims to encourage a more diverse representation in STEM fields, as evidenced by a recent Merck survey indicating that 48% of middle school students find it hard to see themselves as scientists.

With the 2024 Curiosity Cube tour expected to reach 45,000 pupils at over 280 events in 14 countries

By Sophia Gonzalez

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