Mastercard Reveals Predicted Technology Trends for 2024

The financial services industry is set to undergo a significant transformation in the near future, thanks to advances in chip architecture, cloud computing, connectivity, mixed reality devices, and edge processing. Spatial computing, which allows for human-machine interaction using hand gestures and eye movements, is seen as a key technology driving this transformation.

Spatial computing is expected to grow at a rapid pace and become a $600 billion market by 2032. Trends such as spatial mapping, smart glasses, and improved connectivity are expected to drive this growth. This technology has the potential to revolutionize various industries including healthcare and finance by providing more contextually relevant experiences.

The report envisions a future characterized by automation, interconnectivity, and intelligence. Architectural improvements, standards, and data transmission will lead to smarter experiences that will result in more contextually relevant shopping journeys as well as automated mass movement experiences like public transit and stadium entrances. However, the report acknowledges that progress will require incremental steps towards advancements in technology, interoperability

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