SpinetiX joins Q-SYS technology partner program

SpinetiX, a Swiss-based digital signage solutions firm, has recently teamed up with the Q-Sys Technology Partner Program. The goal of this partnership is to make SpinetiX’s digital signage software compatible with the Q-Sys control platform, focusing on industries such as smart corporate, educational, hospitality, and public environments. Through this collaboration, SpinetiX aims to deliver advanced capabilities for dynamic, engaging, interactive, and automated content delivery to customers.

Francesco Ziliani, CEO at SpinetiX, expressed excitement about joining the Q-Sys Technology Partner Program and stated that this collaboration would allow them to revolutionize digital signage as an interactive storytelling platform. This partnership specifically marks SpinetiX ARYA as the first digital signage CMS integrated with Q-SYS. The Q-SYS platform fully vetting and endorsing the SpinetiX ARYA CMS Plugin as Q-SYS Certified signals their confidence in the product’s capabilities.

The integration of the SpinetiX ARYA CMS Plugin allows users to access alerts configured in their SpinetiX ARYA Enterprise account. Alerts include alarm alerts, welcome messages, news updates, advertisements, live streams, videos and animations. Geno Zaharie from Q-SYS expressed pride in having SpinetiX join their program and work together on enhancing experiences for shared customers through this plugin integration.

Overall, this partnership will provide customers with a more comprehensive solution for digital signage needs by leveraging the strengths of both companies’ products and services.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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