Responsible Gambling Organization Formed by Online Sportsbooks

In response to the growing demand for sports betting, seven of the largest U.S. sportsbooks have formed a trade group called the Responsible Online Gaming Association. The goal of this new association is to promote responsible gambling by sharing best practices and information about customers who have been banned from their platforms due to problematic betting behaviors.

This development comes at a time when Major League Baseball and the NBA are investigating high-profile betting scandals involving athletes. According to the American Gaming Association, Americans legally wagered nearly $120 billion on sports in 2023, a significant increase of 28% from the previous year. The rise of sports betting is also impacting fan engagement, with people watching games until the end to see if they win money or lose it.

Kenneth Shropshire, a sports business expert at Wharton, emphasizes the importance of addressing perceptions surrounding irresponsible gambling and addiction, as well as athlete betting scandals that can tarnish the integrity of sports. The formation of the Responsible Online Gaming Association is an effort to enhance consumer confidence in the industry.

Economist Victor Matheson from the College of the Holy Cross points out that while the sportsbooks participating in the trade alliance are aiming to promote responsible gambling, their main goal is to maximize revenue. By implementing internal rules, they may be seeking to preempt stricter regulations from state governments. Through the partnership, these companies are walking a fine line between profitability and ethical responsibility.

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By Sophia Gonzalez

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