Advocating for Sustainability in Live Sports Production: An Interview with Aggreko’s Don Gray

In a bid to create sustainable live events, the Sports Video Group has welcomed Aggreko as a platinum sponsor. As the world grapples with the pressing issue of climate change, the sports video production industry is working tirelessly to find ways to minimize energy usage, reduce carbon emissions and address the needs for heating and cooling in an environmentally friendly manner.

Aggreko’s Sector Manager of Events, North America, Don Gray, recently discussed how the company is providing sustainable solutions in an interview for the New Sponsor Spotlight. He shared that Aggreko’s recent work at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix and Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas had helped networks and leagues achieve this goal by minimizing energy usage, reducing carbon emissions and adapting to different weather conditions and climates to lower their carbon footprint.

Gray also talked about the challenges of working in busy broadcast compounds where space is limited and equipment needs to be moved around quickly. He explained how Aggreko’s support in these situations helped ensure that events were run smoothly while minimizing environmental impact.

Looking ahead, Gray shared that Aggreko’s goals for the remainder of 2024 include continuing to provide sustainable solutions that help make live events more environmentally friendly. To learn more about SVG’s new sponsors and their work towards creating sustainable live events, check out the SVG New Sponsor Spotlight series on SVG PLAY.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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