Unity is Key in Billion-Dollar Green Transition Projects

Chairman of Inkoo Municipal Board and Member of Parliament Henrik Wickström has highlighted the challenges faced by small municipalities when handling large investment projects in his opinion letter published on May 28th. He emphasizes the importance of Finland’s attractiveness as a destination for international investments, particularly in industries like green steel production which is crucial for achieving a carbon-neutral future.

Wickström stresses that as a location municipality for a large-scale investment, Inkoo should not be left alone in the process. He calls for improved licensing procedures to enhance predictability and manageability for all parties involved. Smooth licensing is essential for the growth of a clean economy and the success of investments in new industries.

To support the creation of clean transition investments, companies like Fortum are developing areas like Inkoon Joddböle for industrial use. Wickström explains that investments like hydrogen production require strong electricity transmission connections, reliable availability of clean electricity, and seamless licensing processes. Finding suitable areas for investments is crucial for the expansion of a new clean industry.

Ensuring that there are enough resources to expedite zoning and permit processes is vital for the success of large projects like Plaster. The social impact of such projects is significant, as they can bring in jobs, tax revenue, and economic growth for municipalities and the state. Cooperation, openness, and dialogue are essential to avoid delays in the realization of these projects.

In conclusion, Wickström underlines the importance of smooth and efficient licensing processes to support the growth of a clean economy and the success of large investments in Finland. By prioritizing transparency, environmental impact assessment, and community engagement, the government aims to make licensing a competitive advantage for the country while meeting biodiversity and social acceptability standards.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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