Workshop for Health Cluster Coordinators in Bangkok, 23-26 April 2024

The World Health Organization (WHO) plays a vital role as a member of the Inter Agency Standing Committee and leads the Global Health Cluster. The success of the cluster mechanism relies on understanding the processes and capacity among cluster coordinators, co-coordinators, partners, and governments. In the WHO South-East Asia Region, health clusters are currently operational in Bangladesh and Myanmar for protracted grade 2 emergencies. Sri Lanka and Timor-Leste are also adopting the cluster approach to coordinate health responses.

To enhance capacity, a workshop was organized for national participants, partners, and WHO Country Offices in Health Cluster Coordination. The workshop, held in Bangkok from 23-26 April 2024, had 26 participants from the mentioned countries and was facilitated by eight experts from different levels of WHO.

The workshop began with a self-assessment and covered topics such as disaster readiness planning, needs assessment and analysis, resource mobilization, planning for outbreak responses, implementation, monitoring, strategic planning adjustments, full-scale Health Cluster meetings, SIMEX training modules on disaster preparedness planning for sub-national clusters. Participants were briefed on PRSEAH issue and WHO’s zero-tolerance policy.

The SIMEX included training on setting up sub-national health clusters and strategic planning adjustments based on feedback sessions on the last day. It aimed to enhance the capabilities of participants to effectively coordinate health responses in emergencies. The workshop concluded with post-SIMEX self-assessment certification distribution

By Sophia Gonzalez

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