Is Trump Media a Business or Just a Company?

Susquehanna International Group is a renowned company known for its expertise in buying and selling stocks at breakneck speed to generate profits. The company’s success comes from earning tiny margins on each trade, often within milliseconds. Recently, they were discovered to have a 2% stake in a blank-check company that merged with Donald Trump’s social media firm. This has sparked speculation that the company’s founder, Jeff Yass, a Republican mega-donor, may be funneling money to Trump through this investment. However, Susquehanna has insisted that they remain impartial on the stock and own other securities like options to offset their holdings. Their main focus is on providing bids and offers in the market rather than evaluating the worth of investments.

Despite this claim of neutrality, Susquehanna’s involvement with Digital World, the recently merged blank-check company that owns Truth Social where Trump has been active since his Twitter ban in 2021, has attracted algorithmic market-makers and quant funds who see it as an indicator of Trump supporters’ sentiment. Quantitative traders are drawn to retail trading since it is often driven by individual investors rather than larger economic trends.

Apart from their stock trading business, Susquehanna also operates a private-equity and venture-capital arm. They own a substantial stake in TikTok, which has further fueled speculation about Yass’s potential influence due to Trump’s changing stance on the social media platform. Despite this speculation, Susquehanna’s role in the stock market is primarily to provide liquidity and make trades rather than investing based on the underlying value of the assets.

Susquehanna International Group’s success lies in its ability to navigate the fast-paced world of stock trading with precision and skill. While some may question their motives for investing in companies associated with politicians like Trump, Susquehanna remains committed to providing liquidity and making trades while staying neutral on the stocks they handle.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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