ICC to Address New York Pitch Issues Before India-Pakistan T20 World Cup Match

The United States is set to host the T20 World Cup alongside the West Indies, with 16 matches scheduled for the tournament. In preparation for the event, a temporary stadium in New York has been constructed at a cost of £24m ($32m). Despite being built within just eight months, the stadium has generated excitement from tournament organizers.

To create the pitches for the tournament, six trays from Australia were used to transport soil for the 10 Tahoma grass surfaces, which were cultivated in Florida. The soil used in these pitches has a high clay content, similar to those found in Adelaide. After being transported to New York by road, the pitches were installed just weeks before the tournament began. The outfield is made of Kentucky bluegrass grown in New Jersey on top of sand.

However, issues with the pitches have emerged during the opening matches. Teams have been able to reach their target scores with ease, and some have attributed this success to the importance of toss in determining match outcomes. Batsmen have faced challenges due to the uneven bounce of the pitches, with some deliveries climbing off a length while others skid along at ankle height. The slow outfield and boundaries of 75m and 65m on each side have also hindered run-scoring efforts. Despite efforts to improve playing conditions, many spectators have expressed disappointment with the overall quality of cricket on display.

In particular, India fans have cheered for Ireland during a match against Pakistan, hoping that they would score more runs and see more batting action from their own team in future innings. Concerns have also been raised about training facilities at nearby Cantiague Park

By Sophia Gonzalez

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