School district USD 383 approves purchase of new iPads for classroom technology use

On Wednesday, February 7, 2024, the Manhattan-Ogden School Board held a meeting that was covered by AJ Shaw of News Radio KMAN. The board approved the purchase of new iPads for classrooms, but there was some controversy surrounding this decision. Katie Allen, a board member, opposed the purchase of more technology due to concerns about its impact on students’ reading and writing standards and the potential for data breaches.

Despite Allen’s opposition, the purchase was approved by a vote of 5-1. Greg Hoyt, a former Manhattan High School principal and current board member, recognized the need for further discussion on the use of technology in the classroom but emphasized its importance for student success. He highlighted how iPads and computers can provide students with valuable tools to enhance their learning experience.

Christine Weixelmen also expressed her views on this matter. While she agreed with Allen’s concerns about technology’s impact on reading and writing standards, she ultimately supported the measure. She believed that district educators should have autonomy to decide how to use technology in classrooms effectively.

Apart from approving new iPads, the board unanimously voted to acquire a 4 by 8 CNC plasma table for the district’s Career and Technical Education Program. This equipment will introduce students to welding and provide them with hands-on experience in a practical setting.

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