Forensic science credited by police for arrest in 2014 murder case of woman near Montreal

Ten years after the tragic death of Jenique Dalcourt, a first-degree murder charge has been filed against the man suspected of killing her. Dalcourt, 23, was struck and killed with an iron bar while walking along a bike path in Longueuil, Que., on October 21, 2014. The suspect, Michael Mcduff-Jalbert, was arrested on Tuesday and is set to appear in court today.

At the time of Dalcourt’s death, Mcduff-Jalbert was 26 years old. He was actually arrested shortly after Dalcourt was found dead in 2014 but was released due to insufficient evidence. It was only this week that police were able to gather enough evidence, thanks to advancements in forensic science, to make an arrest in the case. Chief Inspector Pierre Duquette expressed gratitude to the experts at the province’s forensic laboratory for their assistance in the investigation.

The arrest of Mcduff-Jalbert serves as a reminder of the persistent efforts of law enforcement to seek justice for victims of violent crimes. The case had remained unsolved for years and brings some closure to Dalcourt’s loved ones and the community. The impact of Dalcourt’s death reverberated throughout the community and brings hope for healing and closure to those affected by the tragedy.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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