LeBron James Expresses Anxiety Watching Son Bronny Play for USC, Criticizes College Basketball

In a recent podcast episode on the “Mind the Game” show, LeBron James shared his thoughts on college basketball and how watching his son, Bronny James, play at USC this season has been causing him anxiety. LeBron expressed that he finds it challenging to watch the 40-minute college games and that it causes him more stress than anything else in his life.

During the podcast, LeBron also elaborated on why he finds the college game increasingly difficult to watch. He criticized some coaches for making poor decisions, particularly when they throw the ball into the post for a big player who is not skilled in that area. According to LeBron, the ball should only be thrown into the post if it can effectively flatten the defense or create dynamic offensive opportunities.

Bronny had a challenging season at USC after recovering from a health scare early in his college career. Despite playing 25 games, his stats were modest, and now he faces a decision about whether to declare for the 2024 NBA Draft or return for another season at USC as it transitions to the Big Ten. LeBron expressed that his support for his son’s decision rests with him and that they will weigh all their options before making a choice.

During the recent NBA All-Star Game Weekend, LeBron mentioned that they would go through the draft process and consider all factors before making a decision about Bronny’s future. Regardless of what Bronny chooses, LeBron is determined to support him on his journey, whether he continues in college or takes the leap to professional basketball.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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